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On-site Solar, Storage and Gas Generators

Energy management for commercial and industrial customers presents challenges when it comes to balancing energy savings, sustainability and resilience goals. Various equipment manufacturers and solution providers tend to take a mutually exclusive approach between these goals, resulting in sub-optimal solutions from an end customer perspective. Generac pairs with Xendee for a session on energy management solutions for commercial and industrial customers.

Topics Covered Include

  • Energy management challenges faced by C&I customers
  • ​How solar, storage and on-site generation can complement each other
  • Lessons to be learned from multi-asset energy solutions (Including California NEM 3.0 case study)
  • Optimal solutions for cost, resilience, and carbon reduction

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Generac Lithium-Ion Commercial and Industrial Battery Energy Storage System

Energy management today increasingly means balancing a combination of carbon reduction, energy savings, and energy resilience goals. Generac’s SBE battery energy storage system is our latest addition to a portfolio of products and technologies helping commercial and industrial customers to meet their current and future energy goals.

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Motor Starting 101

Generators often struggle with starting larger motors and managing the associated voltage and frequency dips. This webinar will explore the details of motor starting that drive generator sizing program results. We will also explore ways to reduce motor LRA requirements and their impact on the generator size.

Topics Covered Include:

  • Converting motor LRA into starting kVA & kW
  • Impact of alternator size and sub transient reactance
  • Engine and alternator transient performance interaction
  • Voltage dip vs. recovery voltage
  • Methods to reduce motor LRA
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Generator Controls: Reliability, Code Compliance & Application Fit

Genset controls define the capability of the engine & alternator to meet the application specific needs and provide a simple customer interfacing experience. The engine must have controls that manage engine speed, fuel inlet, and emissions. The alternator must have voltage control. The entire system must be designed for code compliance and maximum reliability while providing monitoring, data logging, remote communication, protection, and predictive maintenance.  This webinar will:

  • Explain basic diesel  and natural gas engine control functions
  • Explore the impact that application and code requirements have on genset control
  • Quantify the key features of the overall genset controller that maximize generator reliability
  • Identify key genset controller features that enhance user interface and monitoring
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Data Applications (4 MW and Below)

Large scale data center applications tend to create a tremendous amount of interest due to their very significant scope, but from a power generation design standpoint they are rather basic. The base of design for large scale data is 2.5 to 3.0 MW single generators on a power bus with the ability to implement swing units.  Though this implementation works well in the large applications, it doesn’t create optimal solutions for on-site enterprise data or smaller start-up co-location applications. This webinar will focus on maximizing reliability while balancing cost and scalability concerns for applications below 4 MW.
Key Topics Covered Include:

  • Understanding the key requirements of data application design
  • How to maximize reliability while balancing cost and scalability concerns
  • Considerations when applying the concepts of the up-time institute tiers in smaller applications
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Generator Market Emission Constraints

From a market perspective, do you know when and why you should pay particular attention to emissions in regards to onsite power? There are numerous regulations and technologies focused on reciprocating engine emissions. This 30 minute webinar will give an overview of this topic and help you understand the differences between EPA Emergency and Non-Emergency applications.

Topics to be covered include:

  • How diesel engine emissions differ from spark-ignited emissions
  • Implications of specifying Tier 4 solutions for standby applications
  • What emission regulations are relevant to onsite power
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Writing Performance-Based Specs

There are many elements that need to be considered when writing specifications for engine generator sets. Join us for a 30 minute webinar where you’ll learn in depth about these elements necessary to put together a comprehensive specification.  We will define the scope of the applications along with relevant NEC and NFPA considerations.
Topics covered will include:

  • Key genset performance measures – what’s relevant and what’s not
  • Options and accessories necessary to meet code and application fit
  • Application unique elements
  • Startup and commissioning requirements
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Enhancing Generator Systems Reliability

The reliability of a generator system is dependent on multiple factors.  This 30 minute webinar will present the key factors necessary to ensure the highest degree of reliability in emergency power system design and application. It will explore strategies for value engineering projects through utilization of the best available choices without sacrificing overall power system reliability.

The session will cover:

  • How to best quantify generator reliability
  • What typically fails in the real world and how to minimize those failures
  • Attention will be given to engines, alternators, controls, supporting systems
  • How to enhance total system reliability through design and application choices
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Configuring Gensets to Meet Application Needs

To ensure you are configuring the perfect power solution, it is critical you specific the appropriate options and accessories for the generator set. During this 30-minute webinar, our industry expert will walk through what is on the market and what is needed to meet specific application and environmental needs.

Topics to be discussed during this webinar include:

  • Reviewing typical generator options and accessories
  • Identifying key code required generator configurations and accessories
  • Aligning the generator configuration to the environment and application
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Power Design Pro™ for Mobile Sizing

Join us for a 30 minute webinar on Generac’s next generation sizing software, Power Design Pro™. This webinar will discuss the importance of proper sizing and give a top level overview on how to use Power Design Pro™ to size mobile generators. A live Q&A session will be held at the conclusion of the webinar.

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Controlling Paralleled Generators – Maximizing Reliability

Paralleled generation offers tremendous advantages when it comes to optimizing solutions for our customers: scalability, reliability, serviceability, and cost effectivity. Historically, paralleled generation was implemented with an amalgamation of controllers located within third party switchgear solutions. As the major generator manufacturers developed integrated paralleling solutions, system cost and complexity was significantly reduced and the application of paralleled generation expanded. This 30 minute interactive webinar will explore what is required to control multiple paralleled generators while eliminating single point system level failure modes.

Topics covered include:

  • Synchronizing
  • Switching device options & robustness
  • Load-sharing methods – removing single point failures
  • Load sequencing – redundancy at a system level
  • Communications – hardening and operating through failures
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Maximizing Transfer Switch Reliability

Selecting the right transfer switch for an application is critical to maximizing a fully integrated power system design. This webinar takes an advanced look into how automatic transfer switches (ATS) are constructed and operate so you know how to always specify the perfect switch. We’ll discuss in-phase vs delay-in-neutral transfers, fault current rating and ATS construction considerations for separately derived vs. non-separately derived operation.
Additional topics to be presented include:

  • Ensuring Adequate Fault Current Capability
  • Evaluating Different Switching Technologies
  • Comparing and Contrasting In-Phase vs. Delayed Transitions
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Designing Genset Solutions For Fire Pumps

Having a reliable source of power for a building’s fire protection systems is critical for providing a safe environment. Therefore when it comes to supplying backup power to fire pumps, it’s crucial that required codes are properly understood and followed to ensure good design practice.
Join us for this 30 minute webinar where we will dive deep into the following topics relating to system design for fire pumps:

  • NFPA 20 Requirements
  • NEC 695 requirements for fire pumps (generator breaker sizing)
  • Sizing generator for fire pumps
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Best In Gas Piping & Code Compliance

The natural gas pipeline network is constantly expanding as customer confidence increases in the reliability of natural gas. When connecting a generator to these pipelines, best in class gas piping system design is necessary to meet regulations and establish adequate gas glow with minimum pressure drop and stable pressure.
During this 30 minute webinar we will provide:

  • Guidelines for sizing the gas service
  • Guidelines for selecting the correct side and type pressure regulators
  • Gas piping recommendations to minimize pressure drops and regulator droop.
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Generator Installation - Codes & Design

The ever-changing codes and regulations for backup power can be difficult to keep up with. Let us help you avoid a red tag on your next generator installation by joining us for this 30-minute interactive webinar where we will discuss best practices for designing generator systems. The webinar will focus on the specific needs of different sites and applications and take a deep dive into code compliance.
Topics covered include:

  • NEC® Installation requirements
  • NFPA requirements
  • Best design practices
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Understanding NFPA Standards

Implementing NFPA standards is extremely important in maximizing generator reliability and ensuring code compliance. We invite you to join us for a 30 minute webinar where we dive deep into these standards. Specifically we will be discussing the NFPA 110 topics below:

  • Generator accessories and installation
  • Generator commissioning and maintenance
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Generator Sizing Live - PDP

The most powerful electrical and mechanical design and sizing tool on the market, Generac Industrial Power’s Power Design Pro™ generating software is a one-stop solution center for the consulting engineer. In addition to state of the art generator sizing and analysis, it includes spec sheets, installation drawings, emission information and an exhaust sizer. During this 30-minute webinar attendees will take part in a live demonstration of the software.

You can expect to become familiar with:

  • How to enter motor loads into PDP
  • How load sequencing impacts generator size
  • Steps vs Groups within Power Design Pro
  • Entering building pre-load
  • An example with fire pump
  • Mechanical design capability of Power Design Pro
  • How to get additional help and support information
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Know Your Codes - NEC

While initial versions of the National Electrical Code (NEC) were not written with generators in mind, generators have been added in various sections of the code over the years. This webinar will examine these ever-changing sections and give an overview of the NEC requirements of generators inclusive of the most recent updates. Attendees can expect to become familiar with the NEC relative to the installation and operation of standby generators specifically including:

  • Specific generator requirements including sizing, start-up times, load transients, alarms, instrumentation and signage
  • The relationship between stated NEC codes and the Authority Having Jurisdiction
  • Specific requirements for disconnects and breakers
  • Accessibility requirements
  • Requirements for overcurrent coordination
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Understanding Generator Reliability

The reliability of a generator is strongly dependent on the interaction of the following factors: design, testing and operational requirements, operational history, inspections, maintenance and the personnel qualifications of operators. During this 30 minute interactive webinar, we’ll take an advanced look at these key factors and discuss how you can ensure the highest degree of reliability in a system design. Additionally, we will explore strategies for value engineering projects through utilization of the best available technologies and innovations without sacrificing overall power system reliability.
This webinar will also include information on:

  • Measures for determination of reliability
  • Tools to establish reliability criteria for overall engine-generator power systems
  • Analysis and calculation of mean time between failures
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Non-Standby Engine Technologies

Energy Management and Demand Response are typical Non-Standby applications. These terms are often used to describe applications that reduce load on the grid and provide economic benefits. But what is the correct generator engine technology for these applications? Do these applications provide an attractive total cost of ownership?
Topics for this webinar also include:

  • Spark-ignited vs Diesel engine technology
  • Rich Burn vs. Lean Burn Engines
  • Engine Durability
  • EPA Constraints
  • Demand Response Programs and Aggregator
  • Energy Management (Peak shaving & Base loading)
  • Total Cost of Ownership
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An Advanced Look at Generator Sizing

This webinar dives deeper into accurate load modeling and monitoring. Participants will explore the alternator’s and engine’s response to different types of loads while investigating different techniques to optimize the generator’s performance.
Topics for this webinar also include:

  • Typical methods used to solve UPS problems
  • Applying generators to cable and hydraulic elevators
  • Design tips to manage non-linear load harmonics
  • HVAC equipment (initial estimates vs. final sizing)
  • Sizing the mechanical system for pressure drops (gas piping & exhaust piping)
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Stay Ahead of Natural Gas Growth

An abundant and growing supply, expanded pipeline network, and increased customer confidence have led to a recent shift in the industry from diesel to natural gas. But how much do you know about this alternative fuel source? It is important to know the reliability and flexibility of your options before specifying a fuel choice for a system.

Additional topics in this webinar include the impact fuel type has on:

  • Fuel Reliability
  • Gen-set Performance
  • Code Acceptance
  • Total Cost of Ownership
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Ease the Pain of Generator Sizing

We have your pro - Power Design Pro™. This online tool is the most powerful electrical and mechanical design, and sizing tool on the market. In addition to state of the art generator sizing and analysis, it includes spec sheets, installation drawings, emission information and an exhaust sizer. Power Design Pro™ will help you become a power pro.

You will learn about how to navigate Power Design Pro:

  • Harmonic analysis
  • Accurate load monitoring
  • Load shedding
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Avoid a Red Tag on Your Next Generator Project

Standby power systems are increasingly in demand for a variety of applications. For many of these projects, the reliability of the standby power system is crucial to facility operations. Too often, emergency power systems are applied to a project without a thorough understanding of generator system capability, functionality, reliability and site specific load requirements.

You will learn about:

  • Limitations of traditional generator sizing programs
  • Dealing with load uncertainty in new construction
  • Recognizing leading power factor pitfalls
  • Information on how to receive continuing education credits (PDH & CEU)
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