Expanding Power

It is Generac's largest and most powerful gaseous generator yet. Our first 625 kW generator has been installed and the unit, manufactured in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, has now made its home in Ontario, Canada.

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The system is the first of Generac's expansion into larger gaseous nodes. The 625 kW design leverages Generac's engine knowledge and Motortech's robust fuel and spark system expertise to give us a spark-ignited engine that is designed to provide the same level of power and longevity as its diesel counterparts. This particular unit is a single-set configuration and will provide standby power. The 625 kW is also available as a modular power systems (MPS) configuration. The unit is designed for demand-response applications as well as emergency standby for a variety of applications including data centers, commercial and industrial facilities, health care applications, infrastructure projects and other similar needs.

The 625 kW generator is also the first product offering Generac's new control panel platform, Power Zone®. The Generac Power Zone controller makes interaction with a generator more intuitive. The controller is the first industrial gen-set control platform on the market with built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LAN and Webserver, putting monitoring and control within reach of any mobile device or PC with internet connectivity. The Power Zone provides instant access to generator and engine parameters, ensuring the unit is ready and available at a moment's notice. The controller also regulates the MPS paralleling configurations. Communication between generators is performed with an industry-first redundant Ethernet. Other features include paralleling control, protective relay, and load and kVAR sharing. The 625 kW generator is available for quoting and ordering now.