G-Panel Controller

PowerManager® Digital Control Platform

The Generac PowerManager Digital Control Platform is a fully integrated and multipurpose family of controllers for Generac’s single and Modular Power Systems (MPS). The PowerManager Digital Control Platform (PM-DCP) is configured as the PowerManager Genset Controller (PM-GC) for stand-alone gensets, the PowerManager Parallel Controller (PM-PC) for gensets in a Modular Power System configuration, and the PowerManager System Controller (PM-SC) for the systematic control of the Modular Power Systems. Also available for use in a Modular Power System is an optional redundant load sequencing controller for sites that desire fully automatic backup operation, the PowerManager Permissive & Load Shed Controller (PM-PLS).


  • Genset and Parallel Controllers (PM-DCP)
  • System Controller (PM-SC)
  • Permissive & Load Shed (PM-PLS)
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