Power Zone® Controllers

Designed with the user in mind, the intuitive Power Zone controllers make monitoring your generator performance and diagnostics effortless. Compatible with natural gas and diesel generators, we have made these controllers informative and easy-to-use. Power Zone controllers quickly supply the information you need, because your time is important.

The "communicative" nature really sets the Power Zone® apart. Its 7-inch color touchscreen display operates like a smartphone app. Let the Power Zone® give you all the details you need about the gen-set, from general system status to faults and alarms. This will ensure your emergency standby unit works when you really need it.

Complete System Integration

Scalable and configurable I/O amplifies the controller's voice, giving you both remote monitoring and remote generator controls, all at no additional cost. And because service techs can also keep an eye on the generator, maintenance becomes a proactive — not reactive — proposition.

Generac Power Zone controller detail

<h4><span style="color:#FF8C00;">Remote monitoring and customization control with no additional cost</span></h4>

Remote monitoring and customization control with no additional cost

Many controllers offer remote monitoring and the ability to customize the controls as part of an annual subscription service and require the purchase of additional third-party hardware. The Power Zone® has built in LAN connections enabling the Power Zone® controller to be easily integrated into complex systems requiring more advanced generator set monitoring.
<h4><span style="color:#FF8C00;">Improved diagnostics and new onboard self-help manuals</span></h4>

Improved diagnostics and new onboard self-help manuals

A self-help solution with built-in manuals provides critical information on demand to help reduce maintenance and repair times and improve overall performance. Additionally, modules are available to provide local and/or remote annunciation of gen-set operating status, such as a low oil pressure or high coolant temperature.
<h4><span style="color:#FF8C00;">Easy-to-use operator interface</span></h4>

Easy-to-use operator interface

Power Zone® functions like an app on a large 7-inch graphical display, making it easy to use while providing access to a wide range of data.

<h4><span style="color:#FF8C00;">Expandability</span></h4>


Designed for the future, Power Zone® has the capability to expand your MPS to unlimited number of generators as your power requirements increase.
<h4><span style="color:#FF8C00;">Make maintenance a proactive proposition</span></h4>

Make maintenance a proactive proposition

The Power Zone® provides user access to generator status, including immediate alarm and fault notification. It prioritizes complete system fault information and translates it into clear, actionable notifications that are immediately sent, allowing proactive service scheduling to avoid downtime. Notifications can also be sent to your servicing dealer to make maintenance and repair even quicker.
<h4><span style="color:#FF8C00;">Improved reporting and log history</span></h4>

Improved reporting and log history

The Power Zone® archives critical engine and alternator data before and after a fault occurs, making root cause analysis easier. Power Zone® collects historical data, such generator date/run-time, operating hours and kWh produced.

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